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Detailing Valeting

Your car is built for optimum performance. It's also designed to look sleek and pristine, inside and out. AutoDeutsche will maintain and protect your paintwork, trim and upholstery. With the care and attention of our professional valet service, your car can stay looking brand new for longer. A showroom finish

Your car’s finish is under assault. Radiant and ultraviolet energy, acid rain, salt, pollution, insect fluids and bird droppings wage a constant war on your car’s finish. Waxing provides an easily renewable, transparent barrier between the finish and a hostile environment. We use Zymol products.Zymol uses nutritive oils to enhance your cars paintwork so that you can achieve a finish better than factory. Zymol products are safe for all paint finishes, including new clear-coats, acrylic, urethane and classic lacquers and do not include the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives. Zymol Hand-Crafted™ waxes have a Carnauba content of 33 to 70% by volume, five to ten times the Industry Standard. This gives both greater protection and increased depth of shine .

Specialist Valet Technicians gently remove all trace of dirt and grime from the exterior of your car before sealing in a long-lasting shine. Specially formulated cleaners and polishes are used on your car’s interior, resulting in a showroom-fresh finish that will make you proud.

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